Right to Rent - Changes from 1st December 2014

Right to rent immigration checks: Landlords' code of practice
What landlords need to know
From 1 December 2014, some landlords will need to check that someone has the right to live in the UK before letting a property to them.
The right to rent checks only apply to:
  • landlords in Birmingham, Walsall, Sandwell, Dudley and Wolverhampton
  • all adults aged 18 and over living at the property
  • new tenancy agreements starting on or after 1 December 2014
If you let a property after this date to someone who doesn’t have the right to rent, you could be fined up to £3,000.
What landlords need to do
In most cases you’ll be able to carry out the checks without contacting the Home Office. All you need to do is check evidence of a person’s identity and citizenship, for example a passport or biometric residence permit.
For more detail on these checks and what is expected of landlords see the links below:
Short summary leaflet from the Home Office follow this link
Full details of the code follow the link below
Preferential Properties landlords
At Preferential Properties we already undertake an identity check with all new tenants that apply for your properties. We see all new tenant's face to face and ask for the relevant photo i.d. to be produced before an application proceeds. In the rare event that a suitable applicant approaches us that is not an EEA or Swiss National we will follow the relevant checks and involve you in the application process so you can be confident that we, on your behalf, are meeting all regulations and avoiding any possibility of a fine.